Veteran GOP Operative Woloshen Glass Begins as Mehta’s Campaign Manager

From Insider NJ:

Veteran Republican operative Amanda Woloshen Glass has hired on to serve as the campaign manager for Rik Mehta, who has sewn up considerable Republican establishment support in his quest to win the June 2nd Republican Primary for U.S. Senate.

Mehta tonight won the Salem County GOP convention.

He also brought in Woloshen Glass, a veterna of hard-nosed campaigns, including the 2007 Republican Primary in LD26, where she helped propel to victory Assemblyman Jay Webber.

Woloshen Glass (pictured, above) also served in a key capacity for her former boss, U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7) in numerous tough primary and general election campaigns, including Lance’s key 2008 win to claim the congressional seat.

The GOP operative was most recently aligned with the candidacy of former CD2 candidate Bran Fitzherbert, who amassed signficiant party support prior to U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2) changing his party affiliation and clearing the Republican Primary field.

Woloshen Glass’ political professional background:

Veteran political strategist and government affairs specialist with an expertise in the areas of public affairs, government relations, communications, messaging and campaign management. A successful track record of running and winning tough campaigns and successfully building issue-oriented and diverse grassroots coalitions. Maintains strong working relationships with government and elected officials that bridges both sides of the aisle – within New Jersey and beyond. Years of successful experience in management, communications and media commentary.