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    We received more votes for U.S. Senate than any other Republican in History

    Total Votes


    Thanks to you, the PEOPLE of New jersey

    The Time to Act is NOW!

    As patriotic Americans we can no longer sit around and watch as the Washington elite run our nation into the ground. From being overburdened with taxes, inefficient government, a divided nation, a corporate owned media, tech censorship and so many more non-American like things happening in our country.

    It will take the bold to stand up to the bloated and overzealous government bureaucrats who wish to maintain power and control at any cost. The 7th Congressional district is a place where hard working Americans deserve to have a representative who has their best interests at heart. They are currently stuck with a Representative who during a pandemic decided he would make shady stock trades based on information he may have received as a sitting member of congress.

    I’m ready to take on the fight against the establishment on BOTH sides of the aisle because doing what’s right is the RIGHT thing to do.

    We must preserve the America we love for our children and their children .